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NPR Tabulová hora, Růžový vrch a Kočičí kámen

Tabulová hora, Růžový vrch and Kočičí kámen National Nature Reserve

Unique fortified settlements in the Pavlovské Hills were built in the late Bronze Age (1 300–950 BC), in the period of the so called Velatice culture.

Local fortified settlement covering a total area of approximately 7.2 hectares has been known since 1870. The walls of the settlement are difficult to trace, however, two entrances have been excavated which revealed that the front part of the wall consisted of vertical posts which were propped up to prevent destruction of the wall. In front of the wall there was a shallow moat the outer part of which was lined with large stones.

Fortified settlement covering a total area of more than 20 hectares and a small oval-shaped fortification probably protecting the north-eastern entrance have been found on the top of Děvín. Last hitherto known fortress was located on the north-eastern slope above Kotel.

These fortresses were supplied with agricultural products by more than ten hitherto known settlements scattered on the slopes of Pavlovské Hills.

GPS position

N 48° 50.438', E 16° 38.254'