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Meadowlands in Drnholec – Site of Community Importance

Turold Nature Reserve

It is one of the two most visited protected areas in the Protected Landscape Area Pálava. It lies north-west of Mikulov and it directly adjoins the housing area. Approximately one third of the original top has fallen victim to the quarry which operated at this place between 1873 – 1934. The first attempts to protect this area started in 1946, in 1992 it gained the status of nature reserve and since 2005 it has been a part of the Natura 2000 network as a Site of Community Importance and it is also a part of Special Protection Area Pálava.

Turold is made up of limestone of Jurassic origin and Late Cretaceous sediments. Shells of Mesozoic molluscs, corals and other sea animals were found in the massive layers of limestone and various species of Quaternary molluscs and vertebrates were found in the karst cavities. The today non-existing so-called Turold’s cave was once a habitat for our ancestors in the Stone Age.

The northern part of the hill is covered with planted wood with a high portion of non-native European Black Pine. To the south opens a wide bottom of a quarry covered with soil and overgrown with grass. Despite the unfortunate destiny of this place it is the home of 390 higher plants including 26 specially protected ones.

GPS position

N 48° 48.904', E 16° 38.336'



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