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Vinoř - Satalice

The Malá Obůrka and Velká Obůrka Ponds

The Malá Obůrka and Velká Obůrka Ponds are two of the six ponds on the Vinořský Stream in the vicinity of the City of Prague. Upstream from these there are three more ponds – Pohankův Pond, Vinořský Pond and a pond in Kbely. Below Velká Obůrka there is also Cukrovarský Pond in Prague Vinoř, which is currently undergoing a complete revitalisation. You can find additional information if you are following the Vinoř – Jenštejn Nature Trail. Regarding Malá Obůrka and Velká Obůrka -these are breeding ponds. Mainly bred there are carp and grass carp, however there are also an abundance of zander, pike and also a small quantity of catfish. As you can see in the photographs, during the dredging of the pond in 2012 a red-eared slider was also caught there. This is one of the most commonly reared species of freshwater turtles in the world.

Turtles living in Czech waters

Artificially introduced populations of turtles live, and sometimes even successfully reproduce, in different areas that have similar climates to those in which the original species live. Thereby they often negatively affect the local species. The red-eared slider occurs wild in nature in Central Europe. Its presence has even been reported in areas in the immediate vicinity of the Low Tatras in Slovakia.

What else can you visit?

It is also possible to follow the red trail, i.e. the Vinoř – Jenštejn Nature Trail. This trail runs along the valley of the Vinořský Stream to the edge of Prague. It has 5 stopping points. It is marked red over its entire length of less than 3 km. Additionally we recommend the Radonice Nature Trail. You will come into direct contact with animals; you will see many species of birds and wild, domestic and farm animals. Visits must be pre-arranged by calling +420 602 420 963.

GPS position

N 50° 8.653', E 14° 35.077'