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Sklářská stezka II – okolím Železnorudska

Přední Šmauzy

The first glassworks in Šmauzy was setup by Ignaz Schmaus in 1754 in places of a later settlement Přední Šmauzy (then called „Vierbrunner“ – Four Dams in translation). Since 1761 it was run together with an associate Johann Georg Pock (Bock) from Javorná. The glassworks produced high quality sheet and mirror glass. It was not short of orders, especially as far as the quality mirror glass was concerned for traders from North Bohemia as well as Prague were interested in it. There was enough wood in the neighbouring forests which was why Ignaz Schmauz made a decision to build another smaller smelter in the territory of a later settlement called Zadní Šmauzy ( sometimes called as “small back Schmauz´s smel­ter”). Both glassworks were working until the beginning of the 70s in the 18th century. Like many other glassmasters, Mr. Schmaus got into debts as a result of high potash prices and the glassworks had to be closed down at the turn of the years 1777 and 1772. Schmaus´ property was declared bankrupt. The whole process was accelerated by the unwillingness of the dominion to proceed with Schmaus for their relations were quite strained since their former disputes. The legal dispute went on long to the middle of the 80s of the 18th century. The glassworks in Šmauzy was out of operation in that time despite the fact there was a demand from Franz Hafenbrädel from Húrka to buy it in 1776. In 1787 Jakub Löffelmann and his whole personnel moved here from glassworks in Zhůře. He stayed here for five years only when he moved away to Vysočina region. The glassworks was later rented to Peter Tauschek in 1797. However, it was again working only for a short time and was closed down for good in 1800 as the reset of generally unhappy situation with Czech glass sales and high potash price. Written by PhDr. Jitka Lněničková

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