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Sklářská stezka II – okolím Železnorudska

New Preissler´s Glassworks, Eisner´s Yard

The Preissler´s Glas­sworks was reopened by son of Andreas Preissler, Hans in the middle of 17th century who built a new glassworks in the area of the later Eisner´s Yard. The other local glassworks- Gerl´s Glassworks was reopened by a glass master Hans Haas. The glassworks in the area of St. Anna earned a good reputation until seventeen seventies and were considered the best in Bohemia, which is proved in descriptive works of Bohemian lands by Bohuslav Balbín. The then local glassworks was producing first-class hollow glass, widow wheels as well as glassbeads. The hollow glass was imported to glass refineries in the North Bohemia. Hans Preissler was in charge of the glassworks since 1682 when it was taken over by his son-in-law, Johann Jakub Eisner who married his daughter Anna Marie. The new owner had the glassworks moved to Brunst in 1698. Written by PhDr. Jitka Lněničková

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