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Sklářská stezka II – okolím Železnorudska

Schürer´s Glassworks

The beginnings of the local Schürer´s Glas­sworks date back to the period of the Thirty Years´ War. The name of Bartoloměj Schürer, a glass master is mentioned already in 1615. He came to these lands from glassworks in Mostek in Český les most likely at the end of the 16th century. His first glassworks stood at the east foothill of Mostek Hill at the upper reaches of Brunst Brook (in a vanished region called Schürerhütten). His younger sites were in the valley of Šukačka Brook over Lippl´s Yard. The name of his son Wolf Joachim Schürer is associated with Javorná region in 1630 when he was in charge of a mill. So called New Glassworks (later New Schürer´s Glas­sworks) was built close to Lippl´s Yard in the place of the older Schürer´s Glas­sworks in 1760. It was founded by Johann Wenzl, one of the descendants of Renaissance glass master Wolf Joachim Schürer. The glassworks was run by Johan Wenzl at the turn of eighteen sixties and seventies when he finally sold or rented it to Jahn Wenzl Adler from Brunst. It was a large glassworks with eight glass makers and their assisting staff. Due to the increase in price of potash and general crisis in Czech glass industry, the glassworks was closed down in 1777. A glass master Jakob Hirsch rented it in 1788 and started to produce colourful window panes and buttons. However, even he was forced to leave it in 1803 due to the crisis and his debts. The smelter was restored by its renters, Wenzl Hirsch and Joachim Nachtmann. In 1832 it was closed again, this time for good. Written by PhDr. Jitka Lněničková

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