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Sklářská stezka II – okolím Železnorudska

Onen svět, Jenewelt

It could have been right in the place of the later Onen Svět where Mochov´s Glassworks was established by Mr. Mertl from Mochov in 1494. Anyhow, we do not know more about the first glassworks here except of the fact that Mr. Mertl was allowed to build it somewhere beyond Čachrov. According to younger sources, the Mochov´s Glassworks was followed by glassworks called Onen Svět (The Other World). It can be assumed that the local production went on with no interruption. We can be absolutely certain that already at the end of the 15th century, it was specialised in the production of glassbead. The oldest records of glassworks in Onen Svět date back to 1565 when it was mentioned on the occasion of a Royal Forest ride. Its name was often mentioned even during the following decades. Its production would focus exclusively on glassbeads. In 1578 –1622 its production was connected with the name Jakub Rüppel. It was him who had the glassworks shut down when it was facing unsolvable sales problems at the beginning of the Thirty Years´ War. He was its last glass master. Written by PhDr. Jitka Lněničková

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