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Sklářská stezka II – okolím Železnorudska

Úhlavský jez, Angelwöhr

Grinderies of mirror glass in Úhlavský jez (area of today´s Nýrsko Dam) were in operation already in about 1846.They were rented by Johann Anton Ziegler who finally bought the buildings and their surrounding lands in the year 1851. The factory was owned by Ziegler´s family till 1880. Andreas Ziegler Company had it enlarged by a smelter producing mirrors. The whole company was bought by Franz Schrenk in 1880 and was run by this company until the 90s in the 19th century when it was sold to a Prague company Wolf & Štětka. It remained in operation till the first decade of the 20th century when it ceased to exist. Written by PhDr. Jitka Lněničková

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N 49° 15.637', E 13° 8.886'



Město Železná Ruda
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