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Sklářská stezka II – okolím Železnorudska

Muckenhof Glassworks

It is said that the oldest local glassworks was established before 1679. However, the first verifiable records of it come from the year 1709. In the description of the dominion there is a note of “glassworks standing in Mukenwald Forest”. There is also a record from the same year stating that the forests surrounding the glassworks had been depleted, which can also mean that the glassworks was closed down shortly after the year 1907. Another glassworks in Muckenhof was established by Christian Anton Eisner from Slavětín Glassworks in Posázaví in 1731. The name of the then local glass master, however, is connected with his relative Franz Andreas Eisner. In the year 1741 (1742?), the glassworks is taken over by the son of Christian Anton Eisner – Johann Nicolas who remained in charge of it until 1766. Johann Wenzl Schündler, his son-in-law, took over until its end in 1773. Similarly to other glassworks run by Eisners, the hollow glass produced in here under Eisners and Schündler was of better quality and thus supplying the north-bohemian glass refineries with semi-finished product. Ten glassmakers with assisting staff were employed here at the end of the second Muckenhof glassworks. The glassworks passed out of existence in the time when other numerous glass factories stopped their production due to dramatic price increase of potash and bad sales conditions, which could be the reasons for the close-down of the second glasswork at Muckenhof. Glassmakers appeared in the area of Muckenhof again some tens of years later.

The operation was restored by Josef Zahn, a glass master from Český les in 1797, most probably in the same place of the previous glassworks. The economic situation was still quite difficult, which was why he merged together with various partners and became a mere shareholder. His share was taken over by his brother Johann Andreas Zahn in 1803 (1805?). Josef Zahn remained in the position of the chief of operation. The year 1808 was fatal for the glassworks in Muckenhof. It did not manage to overcome the problems of the then deep crisis in Czech glass industry and the production was stopped for good. Similarly to the preceding era, hollow glass and semi-products exported to north-bohemian glass refineries were mainly produced here. Written by PhDr. Jitka Lněničková

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