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Sklářská stezka II – okolím Železnorudska

Storn´s Glassworks, Storngut

The third glassworks at Brčálník Hill was established by Johann Wenzel Schindler of Mukenholf in 1755, most likely with the financial help of his father-in-law, Johann Nicolas Eisner, who bought the lands together with the surrounding forests. The glassworks stood in the vicinity of a vanished court called Storn. It was run by Mr. Schindler until at least 1769 when it was closed. The first records of it ever after come from the year 1782 when it was rented to Johann Bock for a short time. Mr. Schindler´s name is mentioned again in the years 1785/1786. Under Schindler´s ma­nagement, the glassworks was producing mainly hollow glass. This changed in 1788 when the Storn possessions were bought by Mr. Felix Hafenbrädel, the uncle of the founder of New Fürst´s Glasswork, who started the production of sheet glass. During his travelling abroad the person responsible for the operation was the factor Dominik Hayller who overstepped his entrusted authority and brought the company to bankruptcy. After Hafenbrädl´s return the glassworks was closed in 1792 and the lands were sold. The buildings of the previous glassworks were pulled down in 1794. Written by PhDr. Jitka Lněničková

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