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Mikroregion Mikulovsko


Sedlec, the southernmost village of the Mikulov microregion, is situated in the south-eastern tip of Pálava Protected Landscape Area. The first written account of Sedlec comes from 1305, however, its early history dates back to the 11th century. At present, Sedlec is one of the prominent wine-producing villages of the region.

Significant local monuments include the Church of St. Vitus (originally the Church of St. Ulrich), vicarage and 18th century graveyard. In the past, Sedlec prided itself on its sulphur spa. Island summer resort on Portzinsel was the centre of an extensive designed landscape on the Austro-Moravian border which included a summerhouse with an ornamental garden and game preserve, mill, fish shop, shed for sheep, spa and decorative Baroque sculptures.

Several significant protected areas meet in the vicinity of the village. Slanisko u Nesytu National Nature Reserve touches the banks of the largest Moravian fish pond Nesyt which is also one of the five fish ponds belonging to the Lednické rybníky National Nature Reserve. North of Sedlec rustles the extensive Milovický Forest and Liščí vrch (Fox Hill) Nature Reserve. East of the village stands the Studánkový vrch (Spring Hill) and Skalky and Paví kopec (Peacock Hill) separate the village from the state border.

GPS position

N 48° 46.721', E 16° 41.728'



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