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Mikroregion Mikulovsko


You are in Pavlov – one of the most significant wine-growing villages of the Pálava region. Pavlov is situated on the north-eastern slope of the Pálava Hills bellow its highest peak Děvín. First settlements in this location date back to the Neolithic Age to the age of mammoth hunters (Pavlovian Period). The area has been continuously populated ever since.

The first written account of the village dates back to the 11th century. In the 17th century Pavlov was already a rich wine-growing village which fact is proven by the well preserved pompous Baroque wine cellars and houses. The entire village has been listed in the national register of historical monuments. Looming over the village are the ruins of the Děvičky Castle built in the first half of the 13th century and famous for many legends that have been woven around it.

To learn more about winemaking traditions which still continue in the village, take a walk on the educational trail dedicated to vineyards and wine cellars of Pavlov or visit the wine shop situated in the local town hall building. Pavlov is attractive for tourists also due to the possibility to do water sports in the nearby third Novomlýnská water reservoir. There are several bike trails running through the village. Its location makes it also an excellent starting point for hiking in the Pavlovské Hills (follow the green and yellow tourist trails).

GPS position

N 48° 52.455', E 16° 40.388'



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