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Mikroregion Mikulovsko


You are in Milovice which lies northwest of Milovický forest. The northern boundary of the Pálava Protected Landscape Area crosses the village. Though it was originally located more to the southeast, following its plundering in the mid-13th century the village was restored in its present location. In the past, the village was often damaged by wars. At present, the inhabitants are engaged in viniculture and retail business – mechanical engineering, air-conditioning manufacturing, sunblind manufacturing, bicycle repairs and sales.

There are several listed sacral monuments in Milovice, e.g. the church, chapel, graveyard gate, and wayside shrine.

Diversity of nature around Milovice is remarkable. The cliff of Pavlovské Hills with steppe grasslands, rocks, and thermophilic oak-woods stretches east of the village. South of Milovice spreads out Milovický forest known for breeding of deer, mouflon, and fallow deer in a game preserve. Northeast of the village, along the Dyje River, spreads out the Křivé jezero National Nature Reserve which aims at protection of the remains of meadowlands in Pálava. Novomlýnské water reservoirs are located north of Milovice. Right behind the village, at the foot of the Milovice upland begins the Milovická stráň Nature Reserve.

GPS position

N 48° 51.136', E 16° 41.900'



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