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Mikroregion Mikulovsko

Mikulov – Railway Station

You have just got off the train in Mikulov – the largest municipality and the only town in the Pálava Protected Landscape Area and in DSO Mikulovsko (Voluntary Association of Mikulov Communities). Mikulov offers many interesting possibilities for holidaymakers and tourists all year round.

Let us start with historical monuments – Mikulov chateau, Dietrichstein tomb, the Way of the Cross, the Church of St. Sebastian, the Church of St. Wenceslas, charnel house, historical and architectural monuments of the Jewish community, and many others.

Interested in the arts? Visit the Závodný Gallery, Efram Gallery or the Konvent Gallery. Mikulov also offers many events and festivals such as the Earth Day, Concentus Moraviae music festival, International Guitar Festival, Workshop Symposium, Eurotrialog music festival, etc.

Want to go for a walk or take a bike ride? Try some of our educational trails (ET), e.g. Turold ET, Geopark, Děvín ET, Vinařská (Wine) ET, Stará hora (Old Mountain) ET, Věstonická water reservoir ET, Educational Archaeological Path of the Mikulov Regional Museum, marked tourist trails in the Pavlovské Hills as well as our bike trails – Greenways Prague-Mikulov trail, Na kole k sousedům (Visiting the Neighbours on Bike) trail, Jantarová (Amber) trail, Brno-Vienna trail, okolo ATC Merkur (Around ATC Merkur) trail, Moravská vinná (Moravská Wine) trail, Mikulov trail, Stará hora (Old Mountain) trail. For more information visit Mikulov Tourist Information Centre (www.mikulov.cz/turistika) or CEV Pálava /Environmental Education Centre (www.cev.palava.cz).

GPS position

N 48° 48.126', E 16° 37.565'



CEV Pálava ZO ČSOP 56/15
PhDr. Eva Řezáčová
Náměstí 32, 692 01 Mikulov
Tel.:519 513 399
e-mail:eva@palava.cz <eva@palava.cz>