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Mikroregion Mikulovsko


Klentnice is situated north of Mikulov almost at the very heart of Pálava, at the foot of Tabulová hora (Table Hill). It is one of the best known starting points for hiking tours into Pavlovské Hills and part of the most popular bike trails.

The first people settled here in the Bronze Age, later followed by the Slavs and the people of the Great Moravian Empire. After the downfall of the Great Moravian Empire the area was mostly settled by the Germans followed by the Jews, Habans, and Croats in the course of centuries. The first written accounts of the village date back to the early 14th century.

The top of Tabulová hora (Table Hill) used to be a fortified hamlet. Excavations have uncovered evidence of settlement in the Neolithic Age, the Únětice culture, Tumulus culture, and the Old Slavic period.

The location of the village enables setting on the red tourist trail coming from the south from Mikulov. The trail will take you across Tabulová hora and Děvín all the way to the village of Popice. There are two places on the south western edge of Tabulová hora where it is permitted to do paragliding provided the conditions stipulated by the granted exception are adhered to.

GPS position

N 48° 51.097', E 16° 38.558'



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