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Červený vrch – Stříbrník

The notable hill Červený vrch (Red Peak, 275 meters high), also known as Stříbrník (Silversmith), is found 3 km north of Louny, above the village of Dobroměřice.

This is a very interesting locality from a geological and palaeontological perspective. The strange name derives from the hill's red clay, which was formed during the Tertiary period by volcanic activity. The foundation of the hill consists of coloured clay stone, originating from burned-out coal deposits. Imprints of Tertiary organisms have been found in the red stone. On the hilltop in 1911, a local club (the Louny chaper of KČT) built a wooden mountain lodge, including an observation tower.

The initial proposal to build a lodge was made by the then president of the club Eng. Josef Ejem in 1902. This proposal was rejected, and so the members of the club decided to take up a collection for the contruction. Originally, the lodge was designed by Jindřich Grüner and was to be built of stone, but the underlying soil was not firm enough and it was necessary to use wood instead.

The construction started in the spring of 1910 and opening ceremonies were held on June 4, 1911. The lodge was named after the former president Ejem, although he did not live to see the opening. At the same time, the wooden observation tower was named after a local supporter of tourism Dr. Josef Frotzel. After 1948 the lodge was expropriated and it came back into the possession of the club only in the 1990s and in a very dilapidated state. Starting in 1998 it underwent extensive repairs and the 12 meter high observation tower is now back in operation.

From the tower one can see Hradišťany to the north, Velký (Big) hill to the east, Džbán to the south, and Výrov to the southwest. It also offers a view of Louny and and the surrounding hills such as Raná and Oblík. In good weather it is possible to see Klínovec, the highest peak in the Krušné (Ore) mountains.

The trail to the top is not difficult, it is possible even with strollers or on a bicyle, and in the summer the lodge offers refreshments for sale.

GPS position

N 50° 23.067', E 13° 47.660'



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