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Okolím Morávky

Morávka Municipality

A few facts about Morávka

A picturesque village Morávka, squeezed in between Travný and Slavíč hills, is at the elevation of 520 m and stretches over both banks of the Morávka River. Its area of 8735.28 ha has made it a village of the largest cadastre in the Beskids. You cannot get to the village by train. The railway in its direction from Frýdek- Místek to Český Těšín ends at Dobrá village. The uniqueness of the local landscape invites for recreation throughout the whole year. For its precious nature phenomena and unspoiled nature, Morávka and its neighbourhood were included in the Beskydy Mountains Protected Landscape Area. It is appealing to any lovers of the healthy environment, hiking, fishing and game keeping. The occurrence of bears, wolves and lynxes has been recorded here recently. Hikers will welcome the hiking opportunities to Ropička Hill (918 m above the sea level) with a former Bezruč´s Hut from the year 1923 on its hilltop, the Travný Hill (1203 m above the sea level) and the Malý Travný Hill (1089 m above the sea level) where you can see the remains of a partisan bunker and a monument to partisans. The sculpture group “Night Crossing in Lipový”, the monument at a partisan bunker at Malý Travný Hill, the memorial at Slavíč and the jingle bells in Vlaský, Malý Lipový and Velký Lipový hills remind of the disturbed times during the World War II. A valley dam was built in Morávka village in the years 1960 – 1966. It serves as a resource of drinkable ware for the inhabitants of the nearby towns.

přehrada Morávka

Important Personalities

Josef Bystřičan – born in April 18, 1866 in Velký Lipový. He graduated from a grammar school in Těšín and studied at the Faculty of Religion in Olomouc. His ordination ceremony was held with the attendance of thousands of parishioners and local people. His literary works under the name of “Lipovský” were well-known since his college years. He published the work “Spirits and Ten Commandments” in which he roused against time wasted in pubs. He is also the author of the “History of Poruba Parish in Silesia”. After being hit by a nerve disease, he undertook a treatment in Vienna New town where he died in a spa institute in 1913.

Prof. Jan Loryš – born in March 6, 1860 in Vlaský. After graduating from the grammar school in Těšín, he commenced his studies at the Vienna, later Charles University in Prague studying Classical Philology and Philosophy. He worked as an educator, later as a high school teacher. He wrote the collected works “Fireflies”, a drama called “Brigands”, a teaching book of spelling for high schools and teaching institutes and Analysis of Upper Ostrava Region Dialect in Silesia.

Josef Kaňok – born in March 12, 1830, a chronicler. An author of the book: „Writing Book of Home and Time Issues“.

Miluše Březinová – born in March 23, 1930, a painter. She made a set of pictures depicting typical Beskids village houses with the name “Where Modesty and Tolerance Lived Together”.

Koryto Morávky nad obcí

Useful information


Krajský úřad Moravskoslezského kraje, odbor životního prostředí a zemědělství 28. října 117, 702 18 Ostrava www.kr-moravskoslezsky.cz tel.: +420 595 622 297

Základní škola a mateřská škola Morávka Morávka 178 739 04 Pražmo

GPS position

N 49° 35.947', E 18° 31.065'



Krajský úřad Moravskoslezského kraje, odbor životního prostředí