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Okolím Morávky

Education in Morávka


The first records of a school in Morávka come from the year 1761. The first school was built from the contract of Filip Gotthard Schaffgotsch, a bishop from Vratislav and the earl Jan Nepomuk Pražma, the owner of Frýdek Dominion. In books it is registered as Pražmo School. However, the area where it stood was called Dolní Morávka. It was a church school with one class. 209 children were registered to have learnt there. Its pupils would learn how to read and write and be taught religion there. New schools would be set up gradually in individual valleys: A one-class school for 180 – 200 pupils was built in Úspolka in 1842. It was closed down in 1959 as it stood in the flood zone of a planned dam. Vlaské School was built in 1876. It was meant as a one-class school. However, 343 children registered in it at the very begging. It had to be enlarged. A civic school was set up here after 1945. Both schools would be joined together in the year 1953 and made the grounds for the current and only school in the municipality. One of the painful events of the former primary school in Vlaské was clearing of the school in December 14, 1944. A special German court from Brno was declared to be moved in here in order to judge partisans and local people. Thanks to the action of a regional school inspector, the court would not take place here, but in the local pub. However, the life in the village was changed by that. The local teacher Bohuslav Kučera was one of the arrested and executed ones. A leading teacher and Rudolf Mucha, the village mayor was sentenced to 10 years in prison for helping partisans. Lúčka School was built in 1876. It was a wooden building, not built well. As a result, a new two-class school was built here in the sixties of the last century. However, it was closed down due to little number of pupils in 1973. Nytrová School was built in 1883. The municipality decided to build a school here as a reaction to unprofessional lessons given by a financial officer Josef Chovanec and a folk doctor Karel Barabush. It was closed down in 1972. Lipový School was built in 1888. Due to regular floods and bad bridges over the Morávka River, there was a need for a new school in Lipový. Due to little number of pupils, however, it was closed down in 1953. Slavíč School was built in 1911. After its first year of operation there were only 84 pupils with poor attendance – of max. 87%. Alike the other schools, it was closed down for lack of pupils in 1964.

Žáci ZŠ Morávka na exkurzi

The reason for having six school buildings built here was the large village area, long distances for children to take, the frequently flooded river and high number of children. 837 children in total would attend the school in the school year 1895 – 1896. The historical events, better transport to towns and the construction of the dam resulted in decreasing population as well as children.

Exkurze žáků ze ZŠ Morávka


There is one school in Morávka today called “Morávka Primary School and Nursery School” which currently runs nine grades, an after school care, a school canteen and, as its name suggests, also a nursery school with two classes. The nursery school was founded in the year 1940 and was placed in a primary school in Vlaské. The school building comes from the year 1876. It was gradually rebuilt and modernised. A new gymnasium was added to it in the year 2005. In 2008, two classrooms were reconstructed and modernised with the support of EU funds – a physics-chemistry laboratory and an IT room. Two new multifunctional playgrounds were built. The nursery school was enlarged by another class in 2011/2012 which is situated in the school building. The insulation works, windows change and a new facade are being done in the year 2012. What is coming next? We hope for more happy students and parents and will be glad to see the playground area cleared so that there is room not only for our youngest but also the other inhabitants.

Řeka Morávka

Useful information


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