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Castles on the rocks


Valečov, on sandstone rocks near the village of Bosen, was founded in the early 14th century, one of the largest and most complex building rock castles in Bohemia. Sandstone rocks in the vicinity of the castle are part of the Žehrov tectonic plates, limited-layout zones, which lies in the northeast valley Žehrovka, in the northwest of the valley and the southeast the Jizera river is bounded by lines Kněžmost – Přepeře. Outcrops are medium-grained sandstone, sandstone kaolin Teplice Formation.

Reconstruction of Valečov castle

Core of castle without turn typology based on the model castle with the palace as the main defensive and residential construction. The layout uses three rows of stone blocks, which irregular outlines as fundamentally influenced the unusual shape of the brick palace. During the Hussite Wars were known to its owner Bernart and Bartos from Valečov, whose fortified castle made ​​extensive wintering orphan field troops. Apparently in troubled times is the Hussite Wars Valečov established a fortified settlement with surface wooden buildings and a number of small rooms carved in the rocks in southeast.

Remains of rock room

In 1439 the castle was conquered and burned, but was soon rebuilt. Valečov changed the owners frequently since the second half of the 15th century (eg Donín, Šelmberk, Berka of Dubé, Kapoun of Svojkov). Albrecht of Valdštejn joined it with the Mnichovo Hradiště castle but in decay. Some spaces Valečov but served as emergency housing urban poor to the late 19th century.

Valečov castle in year 1937

GPS position

N 50° 30.709', E 15° 1.415'



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