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Castles on the rocks


Wooded headland to the top of Brada features at the edge of the ridge that goes from Prachov rocks to Jičín basin. Floe of Prachov rocks is limited to the north and the southwest by Libuň and Lochov’s break. There is the sandstone body violated network of vertical cracks and crushed zones among them. From the top isf one of the most beautiful views of the surrounding area Jičín. Rock outcrops on top of Brada incurred in medium grained quartz sandstones.

Brada castle used to be a large mansion, attracted his remains lackluster as much attention as the nearby ruins Kumburk, Bradlec and Kozlov. Brada served as the center of power in the early 14th century.

New headquarters was built here by Načerat, the son Pakoslav, sometime before 1258 on a promontory sandstone ridge. Brada wasn‘t still a permanent owners residence and served as an administrative center rather lying around goods. It was finally abandoned and dilapidated at the end of the 15th century.

Statue of Peter and Paul with cross resemble battle of Jicin in June 1866. Plateau of the castle was used as a platform for Austrian artillery position. Quality sandstone quarry was opened thirty years later and the mining destroyed almost all tmark of the Gothic fortress.

GPS position

N 50° 28.043', E 15° 19.839'



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