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Castles on the rocks


Attractive castle ruin Zbirohy is located in the south part of the Besedice rocks. Rock area is situated in the upper part of the slope Zbirohy. Outcrops of fine-grained to medium-grained quartz sandstone rock create turrets and promontories. Characterized by a variety of shapes, among which are the most spherical iron fillings to tubular shapes. Significant accumulations are blocks. Surface rocks are rounded, smooth and well decorated cornices. Include strong „tectonic ribs“ according to which often are „chain“ organized honeycomb. Are frequent tree grooves, but decimetres spherical cavity dimensions and rock basins are relatively rare.

We can classify history fo Zbirohy according to the overall character of the castles of rock type, built on limestone and formed their shape and size. The residential part of the fortification wasn't built once, but at least two stages, before its demise in the mid-15th century reached Zbirohy length of 200 meters.

GPS position

N 50° 37.390', E 15° 11.540'



Geopark UNESCO Český ráj
Jiří Vlasák