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Hot magma encountered water-saturated Cretaceous sediments and created the Humprecht hill. The generated steam caused a massive explosion that scattered into small pieces surrounding sedimentary rocks and basaltic magma. The resulting crater was filled with fragments of rock debris that forms a distinctive hill.

Volcano under Humprecht

Humprecht was built as a hunting lodge in the Kost estate by Humprecht Jan Czernin of Chudenice and it was designed by Carl Lurago in the years 1672–1677. Its typical silhouette inherently a panorama of Sobotka. Antonin Vratislav Netolicky of Eisenberk who wanted to demolish Humprecht around 1780. Fortunately, he didn’t released it.

Humprecht and Sobotka

Castle was in ruins in the 19th century and its gardens were grown fruit trees. Town Sobotka became the owner of Humprecht . in the 20’s of the 20th century. In the 80‘s, the State Department took over the building conservation.

They returned Humprecht to Sobotka in 1992. Chateaux was returned form from Černín period. The National Heritage Institute and The National Museum cooperated on it. You can see in the ground floor banquet hall, a library, or a black kitchen. Ladies rooms with a small picture gallery, period furnishings and women's dressing rooms are on the first floor.

Crescent was created during Romanticism

GPS position

N 50° 28.221', E 15° 10.219'



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