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Castles on the rocks


Trosky (Ruins) is the remains of one of the most 17 million year old volcanic activity in the Bohemian Paradise. Volcanic activity basaltic magma with low content of dissolved gases was relatively peaceful. At the end of volcanic activity has penetrated Basalt vein. Later selective erosion took most of the volcanic deposits and exposed basalt vein, which currently consists of two distinct peaks – Panna (Virgin) and Baba (Grandma).

Tower Panna

The castle was originally a typical example of double-towered castle architecture disposition Czech Luxembourg period. Although the oldest written records known Trosky in the year 1396, at least the saddle between the two vents was settled earlier and the construction of the castle was perhaps the last third of the 14th century. In addition, the northern bailey were archaeologists discovered fragments of pottery Lusatian culture (younger Bronze Age) and the end of La Tène period (younger Iron Age).

Aerial view

Appearance of the castle was naturally designed a unique rock formation that formed at both ends of the two towers – higher Panna in eastern and larger Baba on the west side. Among the owners of the castle and the adjacent manor find many famous families – of Wartenberg, from Berg, Zajíc from Hasenburk or from 1559 Smiřický of Smiřice who Trosky has permanently joined the Dominion of Hrubá Skála. castle served last as a military foothold during the Thirty Years War (1618–1648).It was burned and abandoned on the end of this war.

GPS position

N 50° 31.007', E 15° 13.871'



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