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Castles on the rocks


In the wall of an abandoned quarry climb the rocks Kumburk layer sequence – the arkoses of Štikov from Barruel age (approximately 300 million years). It is light gray to violet-gray fluvial arkoses and Arkosensandsteine ​​with frequent addition of quartz lumps, quartz and crystalline schists. In the arkoses are well-marked and horizontal and inclined stratification and riverbeds. From time to dive on layers of purple gray and greenish gray, thinly bedded shales or enclaves of russet Hämatitsandsteinen. In the north face of the quarry 3 verquarzte trunks of type Dadoxylon have been discovered, preserved in sub-horizontal layers in various levels. The largest of them reached mediocrity of about 75 centimeters. In the east wall of the quarry, a powerful until 1 meter subvertical basalt core from breaking through oberpaläozoische Miocene sediments. At the bottom is a small fraction of basalt body with Brekzienstruktur and with the typical six-sided secretion to light, obviously a vent feeding the wire.

GPS position

N 50° 29.618', E 15° 26.758'



Geopark UNESCO Český ráj
Jiří Vlasák