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Castles on the rocks


The castle stands on natural outcrops of numerous Felschen collected from sandstone layers of Korycanské-layer sequence of Cenomanian. The sandstones are the so-called Lusatian fracture along applicable. The major fault occurs in the length of more than 110 km from Dresen to go on Kozákov Turnova. Near Frýdštejn it has character of a bend (flexure). The Monoklinalfalte or Monoklinale is also known as flexure.


Rust Gray, medium-grained Lehmsandsteine ​​with a strong admixture of limonite and with the mineral glauconite offer not a complete profile through the layer sequence, from the geological point of view, however, are the fossilized remains of oysters or scallops of the genera Rhynchosteron, Ostrea, Neithea or Pecten on charges Cenomanian layers from the Bohemian Cretaceous rocks in the sea wall interesting.

Sandstone outcrops on the ridge

The well in the mid-14th Century by the Lords of Dražice or Biberštejn castle founded. During the Hussite thanks to its then owner, Bohuš of Kovan, the devoted followers of the king Zikmund Luxembourk, to support the Catholic side From the upper part of the castle with older residential buildings, remnants of 15-meter high round tower have received, which are now so characteristic for Frýdštejn. In the younger part Well Tower and economic hinterland have stood. In 1540, the Lords of Vartemberk the owner of the castle and the adjacent dominion good, but where was their property confiscated by the king soon and the Dominions Frýdštejn and dub were subsequently bought by Jan of Oppersdorf. At the end of the 16th Century, the castle was abandoned. For more than a century the castle is open to the public (May – October daily except Mondays; off season by appointment at the village hall Frýdštejn, tel 483 393 060), popular alongside the views from the tower tops are also carved in the rock basement . Frýdštejn also belongs to the popular objects of the filmmakers, for all filmed here works is at least the fairy tale „The Princess and the Flying Schuster“ mentioned.

Historic photograph

GPS position

N 50° 38.961', E 15° 10.188'



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