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Okolím Morávky

Primary School Dobrá

Basic information

Primary school in Dobrá has a long tradition. It covers all grades with the total capacity of 650 pupils from Dobrá and its catchment area. A high percentage of pupils commute to school from neighbouring villages (especially from Nošovice, Dobratice, Pazderna, Vojkovice, Vyšní Lhoty and Nižní Lhoty). There are approximately 440 pupils attending the school. There is an after-school care centre attached to the school with the capacity of 90 children.

Škola v roce 1968

Teachers strive for personal growth of each pupil. They pay individual attention to both, integrated, as well as talented children. There is a special introduction programme for pre-schoolers and a project called “Friend” at the beginning of the first grade which helps children adapt to a new school environment. Adaptation courses are carried out for pupils in the sixth grade to cement new class teams. Regular yearly projects (see www.zsdobra.cz) contribute to mutual learning and team work. The projects are mostly interdisciplinary, focusing on building key competencies and belong to pupils´ favourite activities in the academic curriculum. Representatives of individual classes may present their opinions and ideas about the organisation and life in school in pupil´s parliament. They can hence influence the school life or its actions planned.

The school takes part in regular projects which promote its pedagogical as well as material development. Since the year 2009/2010 it has been part of a V.I.P. project (the abbreviation stands for “creating interactive preparations) and in the year 2010/2011 it joined an EU project called Money for Schools. The school is a partner school of Fraus Publishing, which means that the teachers use study materials according to the last educational trends. The school is also a partner of Cambridge Centre in Frýdek-Místek and a partner school of Jewish Museum in Prague. The school has become a SMART Centre for interactive teaching 2011. Its aim is to promote modern technologies in education and to use interactive board – Smart Board and other modern teaching tools. The teachers have undertaken numerous trainings on how to create new teaching tools with the help of SMART Notebook application and three teachers have become lecturers of SMART Notebook programme.

ZŠ Dobrá

The school has set two priorities – IC technologies and environmental education. The focus on IC technologies is possible thanks to the outstanding technical facilities of the school. The education through modern technologies contributes to increased pupils´ motivation and better understanding of the presented subject as highly illustrative and multimedia features make the lessons more interesting and innovative. The lessons are interesting and diverse not only thanks to the IC technologies used, but also thanks to the use of new methods and teaching tools (Creative school, RWCT, cooperative and project teaching). Another educational aspect emphasized by the school is the environmental education. The school has been involved in projects promoting environmental behaviour. It was awarded an international title “Eco-school” in the year 2010. The pupils set up an Eco-Team consisting of students of all grades, they learn about environmental themes, create an Eco-Code or suggest various eco-improvements for the school.

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N 49° 40.394', E 18° 24.795'



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