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Okolím Morávky

Morávka Dam

Basic information

The dam in the Morávka river valley was built during 1960 – 1967. The water is being treated for Frýdek – Místek, Český Těšín, Havířov a Třinec. The dam supplies water for the Morávka river valley in the legth of 2,8 km. Its rockfill embankment is 39 m tall and 396 m long in its crown. It protects 200 m wide water surface and its maximum depth is 37 m. The total volume of the dam exceeds 11 million squared meters. The purpose of the dam, except for regulation of the river flow under the dam, lowering the flood flows and constant energetic use of the flow under the dam, is mainly the supply of the drinking water for local people. Water is treated in Vyšní Lhoty and one part is used by the Radegast brewery in Nošovice. The dam surroundings must meet the criteria of hygiene protection and swimming is not allowed there.

Přehrada Morávka

Matters of interest

The dam was reconstructed at high costs during the years 1997 – 2000 and remained empty for several months. The original upstream concrete padding was partially removed and substituted by Sibelion PVC geomembrane, tested in Italy. This technical solution for the dam sealing was the first building project of its kind in the Middle and Eastern Europe and included the new 386 meters long by-pass tunnel as a part of the reconstruction. This tunnel can be found in the right embankment of the dam. The drainage tunnel is 109 meters long and can be found in the left embankment.

Many endangered and protected species can be found in the Morávka river surroundings. The Black Stork and the Common Kingfisher are nesting there. The Osprey was also observed there. Three important predators of the Beskydy Mountains live in nearby forests: the Eurasian Lynx, wolf and the Brown Bear. Trouts, American chars, graylings, crayfish, sculpins and otters can be observed in mountain rivers.

Morávka v zimě


Useful information

Contact information

GPS position

N 49° 35.031', E 18° 32.188'



Krajský úřad Moravskoslezského kraje, odbor životního prostředí