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Okolím Morávky


Basic information

The first mention of Raškovice village comes from the year 1305. At that time a sawmill called Holzmul stood there. Raškovice belongs to the oldest parishes in Frýdek – Místek district and its current name Raškovice was mentioned for the first time in the chronicle of the Frýdek manor urbary in 1573. Its name is connected to one of its first dwellers. The symbol of the village depicts the bird in a tree´s crown called „raška“ – a local name for the European Robin. A stamp with this sign was preserved from the year 1700. The local names for Dvorek and Folvark can be taken as evidence for the court existence in Raškovice which was also the summer residence of the Pražmů counts. The main livelihoods of local inhabitants was agriculture, livestock, forestry, grazing and home weaving. An institution for cloth treatment, bleachery, mushelin macerisation and a dye-house were established in Raškovice in 1826. It was extended by a mechanical weaving in 1911 and a local sawmill has been manufacturing wood since 1882.


Matters of interest

Jaroslav Ludvík Mikoláš (1889 – 1979) was an important personality born in Raškovice. He was a folk scholar, scribe and a Silesian revivalist. He edited an educational monthly called Beskydské Besedy (Beskydy Mountains Lectures), he kept all evidence about the life and history of Raškovice and its surroundings. He wrote The Memorial of Raškovice and its Surroundings which was published in 1912. He founded several libraries and fruit associations. He was a friend of the poet Petr Bezruč. Professor Josef Skotnica, Silesian sculpturer and carver made his famous alegoric statues „History and Pedagogy“ for Místek secondary school and sculptures called „Dilligence and Thrift“ for Místek Bank. Mikoláš´s asso­ciations with numerous historical and geographical activities lasted for more than 100 years and later were followed by „The Raškovice Memorial programme“. This programme offers a permanent ethnographical exhibition and activities to revive old customs and forgotten habits.

Obec Raškovice

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