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Vrbno pod Pradědem



In times gone by, a merchant’s route led through the land here. A number of castles guarded over it from the heights of the surrounding peaks, of which today only crumbling towers and piles of stones remain… In the woods by Karlovice was the castle of Freudenstein, and close to Vrbno were the castles of Pustý zamek, Rabenstein, Quinburg, Drachenburg, Edelstein and Koberstein, which served as border castles, and guarded over the gold mines. The hill known as Zámecká hora (Castle mountain) rises above Vrbno, in the middle of the Jeseníky mountains, on whose summit the castle of Fürstenwalde was built in the Middle Ages. Some of the most well-preserved castles in the region include Sovinec and the castle in Bruntál.

GPS position

N 50° 7.366', E 17° 20.679'



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