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Hradišťan's meadow

The nature reserve Hradišťan's meadow is located in the summit area of the second-highest peak of the Milešovské highlands, called Hradišťany. The 3.9 hectare area, which was previously a private nature reserve of the Lobkovitz family, lies at an altitude of 733–752 meters above sea level, and it was declared a protected area in 1952. The conservation was given here to protect the typical floral foothill meadow with a rich variety of species from the Orchidaceae family (orchids). For various reasons, for example inappropriate caretaking activity and the effects of air pollution, the species which were originally protected have virtually disappeared and the total number of species has significantly declined. Eventually, the official reason for the protected area was changed in favour of the critically endangered flower Tephroseris aurantiaca, but even it has not been found here at all in the last few years. Interesting and endangered species found here are the globeflower (Trollius altissimus) or viper's grass (Scorzonera humilis), which both bloom yellow. Among the rare grasses that you can see here are the tufted fescue (Festuca amethystina), which grows in thick clumps up to 30 cm high. The smooth and long blades are blue green and perennial, they wither only in hard winters and in the spring they grow back. They flower in May and June, the flowers have thin and over-hanging stalks, are colored pink, and grow up to about 50 cm high. Other rare and endangered species found here are the white cinquefoil (Potentilla alba), the norfolk everlasting pea (Haterus heterophyllus), the margoton lily (Lilium martagon), and the thin-leaved lungwort (Pulmonaria angustifolia). The field requires regular care, the plants needs to be cut and the cuttings removed. In the late bronze age and up to the iron age, there was a fortification here, and near the oval field you can find evidence of this in the form of a row of basalt boulders.

Hradišťanská louka 1

Hradišťanská louka 2

Hradišťanská louka

GPS position

N 50° 30.513', E 13° 52.095'



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