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Hradišťany, at an elevation of 752 meters, is among the highest mountains in the Czech central highlands. After Milešovka, it is the second highest peak which rises up above the surrounding forest. In this it is also different from the other peaks, because from it there is not a all-around view, even though it does provide views in certain directions. The peak provides other attractions, however, in the form of the Hradišťany field nature reservation. The field which is preserved here is surrounded by forests which bear the marks of pollution damage. Spruce growth in this area very much resembles that of the Krušné (Ore) mountains, where the pollution damage was very pronounced. The most affected spruce crop had to be removed. Replanting of new deciduous trees changed the forest make-up of the mountaintop area. In ancient times a Celtic fortress stood on the grassy plateau, of which there are still distinct signs today. The area is interesting from the point of view of archaelogical discoveries from probably the 8th-9th century BC. The Knoviz culture fortress was circular or oval in shape and was surrounded by a double wall of basalt stones. Parts of the wall are still preserved today, but originally it was up to 2 meters high in places. The largest boulders were preserved on the northern side in the direction of Mukov. The basalt and clinkstone peak is near the village of Třebívlice, about 7 km from Milešovka. From here a red marker tourist trail leads to Hradišťany, this is joined with a cycle trail for most of the way, so even though there is a considerable climb involved, it is possible to complete it by bicycle. One can also choose various long routes. One of these goes from Třebívlice, around the hill Houžetín (561 meters high), then across the Kozí hřbet (Goat's spine) to the trail junction called Hradišťany and from there a marked trail leads to the peak. An even longer trail goes from Třebenice to Děkovka village and on to Děmčice and across the peak of Houžetín. You can also get to Hradišťany from the railway station Žalany, going through Černice, Lukov and Štěpánov.

Celtic wall

Forests on Hradišťany

Fortress remains

GPS position

N 50° 30.712', E 13° 51.754'



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