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Marian Hill

The Marian Hill also known as Marian rock belongs to important landmarks of Ústí nad Labem. This clinkstone cliff is situated on the eastern outskirts of the town on the left bank of the Labe River. The top of the hill is at the altitude 264 m above the sea level and represents one of rich mineral deposits. Minerals such as garnet, hyalite, fluorite or white apophyllite can be found in here. A new, to that time unknown mineral hibschit was discovered in this site. Hibschit emerged in pieces of marlite that were stripped into hot liquid clinkstone magma. The south slopes of Marian rock would be covered by vineyards still at the beginning of the 19th century. A famous wine from Podskalsko was produced here. Due to the industrial boom, the vineyards ceased to exist as there was a railway built under the rock and a stone quarry was opened in the east. Quarrying tradition goes back to the year 1894. The rock has always been wrapped in many legends about treasures and leprechaun. According to one, the rock had magical powers and contained numerous secrets and inexplicable phenomena. Treasures were said to be hidden here, which inspired and attracted treasure hunters and adventurers. There used to be a Baroque chapel standing at the outlook of the Marian Hill built in the year 1680. It was supposed to be pulled down under the reign of Josef II., however it was not. It was reopened in 1815 after the Napoleon´s wars. From the outlook, you can see as far as the battlefield at Chlumec where the French under Napoleon´s le­adership were defeated. The chapel was reconstructed on the 30th August 1815. Since then, it was long in use. Unfortunately, it was destroyed in the 70s of the 20th century. The Marian Hhill and its opposite right-bank rock called Kramolna which once formed a compact rocky unit create so-called Ústecká Gate. A new Marian bridge over the Labe River was built at that place at the end of the 20th century. Today, there is a zoo on the east slope of the hill. You can enjoy a nice view of the ports in Ústí nad Labem and Krásné Březno or a little stately home Větruš.


Mariánská skála z Větruše

Mariánská skála

GPS position

N 50° 39.000', E 14° 3.685'



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