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Goat Hill

This outlook hill at the altitude of 379 m above the sea level lies 7 km to the east from Ústí nad Labem at a railway line from Prague to Děčín. The rocky plain on the hill offers a nice view around, even though it does not extend too far due to the height of the surrounding hills. The view of the Labe River valley, Beech Hill as well as Ústí nad Labem is beautiful. There is a path marking the way to the view point. The Goat Hill belongs to those protected sites which include a relatively large area. It is a nature reserve where the subject of protection of this important landscape landmark of the Labe valley are geological and geomorphologic phenomena, microclimatic phenomena, plant and animal populations living on rocks, taluses as well as in natural oak-hornbeam forests. The mass of Goat Hill consists of lacollith, developed tephritic clinkstone which belongs to a group of north-boohemian vulcanite. Lacollith is a type of magmatic structure which is created by congelation of magma under the Earth´s crust. The local lacollith was made by a strong erosion activity of the Labe River. The traces of the erosion are visible in slide territories. The results of a landslide in 1770 can be tracked down. A village zone called Veselí was devastated back then and the Labe River bed was significantly narrowed. In the past, the slopes stability was negatively affected by the operation of a local stone quarry. A large number of plant species grow in this area with major occurrence of chasmophytic vegetation of rocky slopes, thermophilic shrubs and natural oak-hornbeam forests. This area is currently the only site of occurrence of white mountain saxifraga (Saxifraga paniculata). We can also find St Bernard´s Lily (Anthericum liliago), fraxinella (Dictamnus albus) or small pasque flower (Pulsatilla pratensis subsp. bohemica) here. The occurrence of green lizard (Lacerta viridis) was confirmed on the rocky slopes over the railway line making it the most northerly occurring green lizzard in the Protected Landscape Area as well as the entire Bohemia.

Kozí vrch

Pohled na Kozí vrch

Výhled z Kozího vrchu

GPS position

N 50° 40.677', E 14° 8.416'



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