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Erben´s Outlook

Erben´s outlook is a name for a stone lookout tower which towers over the municipal part Dobětice in Ústí nad Labem. The Dobětice Heights are at the altitude of 420 m above the sea level. The viewing platform is 15 m above the ground, there are 36 stairs leading to it. The current lookout tower was built in the year 1933. It did not get its name after a well-known Czech writer but after Alexandr Erben, a chairman of the Tourist Club Organisation who contributed to its reconstruction and was a frequent visitor of this place. The construction works of the building which was then 8 m tall were supervised by Mr. Köckert whose work resulted in a prismatic tower with an open viewing platform. It was open to public on 2nd July 1933. In subsequent years, the lookout tower started to deteriorate. Full-green trees would gradually make the view impossible. Minor reconstructions took place in the 80s and at the beginning of the 90s of the 20th century. However, the total reconstruction did not take place before 2006. As a result, an additional floor was built, raising the tower by 7 m. It was not the first building on the ridge of the Brandt Heights. The first lookout tower was built in here already in the year 1889. It was a wooden, 20 m tall building which stood on a stone foundation wall. The wall was pulled to the ground by a wind storm 9 years later. A year after, a new lookout tower was constructed here by Alwin Köhler. Even though it was made of beams resistant to the wind, it remained in place only for 5 years. The wind storm in 1903 pulled it down again. In spite of the fact it remained there till 1911 when its fate was sealed by lightening. The lookout tower is freely accessible. You can enjoy a nice view from here and see Ústí nad Labem, the Labe River valley, scenery of Krušné hory Mountains or Milešovka Hill. The northern view is limited by forests to a certain extent. In case you would like to come here for a visit, take the blue tourist route at Dobětice fork and then the green tourist route directly to the outlook.

Erbenova vyhlídka

GPS position

N 50° 40.717', E 14° 3.055'



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