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Cathedral St. Štěpán in Litoměřice

The Roman Catholic cathedral of St. Štěpán (St. Stephan), which is located on Dómský hill, is one of the best-known cultural monuments in Litoměřice. It was built on the side of an original Gothic church and dates from the year 1057. The original church was evidently stone, as the founding charter speaks of it as a basilica. The Roman church, which was later in the 14th century reconstructed in the Gothic style, was demolished in 1662–1664. Immediately afterwards, in 1664–1668, work was started on the new cathedral in early Baroque style, by an Italian builder. Domenico Orsi was involved in the work and probably also Giulio Broggio. From the outside it looks like a three-aisled basilica, but inside is a single space with three walk-thru chapels on both sides, which have arcade openings to the body. The cathedral is 50 meters long, 20.5 meters high, and it is 22 meters wide with the chapels. The front face was designed with two towers and the main entrance is located here with a sandstone portal and ironbound door from 1742 by locksmith Gabriel Boehmer. Above the entrance are the coat of arms of the founding bishop Schleinitz, above them a statue of St. Štěpán from 1700 and the coat of arms of the cathedral's res­torer bishop Königsegg. Inside is preserved the beautiful original black and gold early baroque interior decoration. Originally, neither the baroque cathedral nor the earlier buildings had a tower. Bishop Königsegg started work on the cathedral tower in the 18th century, but was only able to build an 11 meter high base, on which was built a baroque bell-tower. Later, bishop Antonín L. Frind called for finishing the tower, which was finished in 1889 on the plans of Viennese architect Heinrich Ferstel by builder Franz Sander. From the cathedral tower, which is over 50 meters high, you can see the city of Litoměřice and the surrounding area. The tower is open to the public according to the visiting hours of the bishopry of Litoměřice

Katedrála s věží od Labe

Katedrála sv. Štěpána v pozadí s Radobýlem

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N 50° 31.936', E 14° 7.683'



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