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Nature reserves and monuments


You are standing on the Šumný Mountain (elev. 1,073 m). The peak of Šumný consists of so-called “frost rib”, which is a corrugated rock created by intense frost weathering – an ice-age relict. Since the rock contains calcium, calciphile plant species can grow here, which cannot be found anywhere else in the wider surroundings. 220 plant species, nine of that endangered, grow on this small area. This abundance of species is mainly caused by the calcium content, but also by the rock location on the leeward side. From animals, we can find here the Willow Tit, Eurasian Wryneck, Eurasian Woodcock, etc.

Useful information

Mountain Rescue Service emergency line: +420 602 666 603

GPS position

N 50° 11.275', E 17° 7.695'



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Mgr.Kateřina Kočí