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Naučná stezka Třeboň

Trebon House of Nature

Somewhere in Southern Bohemia, shrouded in the mists of wet meadows, ponds, and floodplains, lies the Town of Trebon, which connects its ancient history to the present modern world.

This definition can be used with confidence for the Trebon House of Nature with its continuous exposure „Landscape and People“. The exhibition is located in the premises of the Trebon State Castle. The entrance to the exhibition can not be overlooked because of the waterfall, made out of parts of original, 400-year-old drain pipes from the famous Rozmberk fish pond. The exhibition itself consists of six themed rooms equipped with video kiosks showing short films. The first room is dedicated to fish farming and has a cavity of a giant oak tree standing in the room. Going through the cavity into the next room, we see before us the Schwarzenberg refrigerator from the early 20th century in the original kitchen of the Trebon Castle.

dum prirody 01

Crossing the room devoted to the history of the Trebon spa we get to the most impressive part of the exhibition focusing on the nature around Trebon. Here the sounds of the forest accompany us when we walk along a lake shore and through wetlands with pools. A hole in the shore shows a mother other caring for the little otter cubs. In the last room we can rest our feet and senses. Here we can sit down and enjoy two high-quality professional movies. The first movie introduces the Trebon landscape throughout one year. In the second, we follow a day of the live of fishermen during the fish harvest. In short, it is something to look forward to and certainly worth a visit!

GPS position

N 49° 0.190', E 14° 46.149'



Společnost Rožmberk o.p.s.
Olga Černá