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Naučná stezka Třeboň

Castle Moat

For Trebon, the western gate used to be an important road to Freistadt with its large salt warehouses. On 25 May 1378, Emperor Charles IV granted the town the right to import two cars of salt per week. From the early 16th century on the road went through the Novohradska Gate straight towards Domanin and via Trhove Sviny further to Freistadt. It was a truly Trebon „salt route“. Once through the Novohradska gate the road crossed the town moat over a wooden bridge resting on stone pillars. This situation lasted until 1832, when the wooden bridge was closed and replaced by a stone bridge 61 meters long and almost 5 meters wide.

The Svet fishpond was the first major water works by Jabub Krcin from Jelcany. Its construction was related to the change in the bed of the Golden Canal, which had previously formed part of the moat. The Trebon citizens protested against plans to build a pond so close to the town, because they feared the dam could bursts. In addition, the pond would not only inundate vast lands, but also some suburbs and a hospital. Nevertheless, the construction was started. In 1571, Krcin demolished 26 buildings and began to build his first fish ponds, which he called Ingratitude – referring to the the trouble with Trebon and the difficulties associated with its construction. The pond got its name Svet (World) later.

Jakub Krcin constructed an extremely massive dam wall, which throughout 380 years resisted all flood pressure. Only in 1890, during an extremely high water level, the dam broke and flooded the city. Ironically, the water initially flowed over a rut in the dam that had been made by the wagons passing in the winter for carrying ice the citizens needed in the nearby brewery for beer cooling.

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