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Naučná stezka Třeboň

Trebon Castle

The magnificent Renaissance palace is an essential part of Trebon and one of the largest castle complexes in the Czech Republic. In this place was first built a farm estate which soon changed into a fortress and then into a large gothic castle with moat, first mentioned in 1374. In 1562, a large fire consumed most of the castle. William of Rozmberk had the ruins rebuilt into a modern renaissance chateau. His brother Petr Vok, who in 1602 relocated to Trebon, completed the building with a library and art gallery.

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The Romzberks had amassed one of the largest and most valuable library collections of the world. The library had around 320 square meters of floor fully filled with valuable books; well over 10,000 volumes. Following the death of Petr Vok, the last of the Rozmberks, the related Švamberk family inherited the properties. After the Battle of the White Mountain (1621) most of their possessions were confiscated. The Rozmberk Library was considered spoil of war and in 1647 all volumes were packed in boxes and transported on rafts to the Prague Castle. During the last year of the Thirty Year War (1648), units of the Swedish army scaled Prague Castle in an attack at the imperial treasury. The well-planned attack was aimed at obtaining valuable loot, including the priceless Rozmberk Library. Almost all was shipped back to Sweden. Up till today, the core of the Rozmberk Library is deposited in the Royal Library in Stockholm.

In 1660, Trebon castle came into possession of the Franconian Schwarzenberg family, who owned it until 1947. In the early 1920s the castle was empty and later used as a hotel facility. During World War II, the castle was occupied by the Gestapo and in 1947 finally nationalized. Today the castle houses the State Regional Archives Trebon. Among the most important archive files belongs the Historica Trebon (1216–1669), thanks to the large impact of the Rozmberks significant to the history of Central Europe. This archive file, as well as other materials, is accessible online.

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