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Naučná stezka Třeboň

Budejovice Gate

Into the very center of Trebon are three main entrances guarded with massive gates. On the western edge of the town is the Budweis gate, built in the years 1605–1611. The gate represents a watershed area between the castle and the area of the former Augustinian monastery. In 1819, it was rebuilt. The construction of the Budweis gate is connected with the reconstruction of the castle and the establishment of the park, which is also related to the brick stone Brilice gate. This latter gate closed the town walls on the upper end of the square near the castle. That area between the gates had been part of the moat surrounded with very muddy terrain. Even in later times flowed and still flows the northern outlet canal for the Svet Pond through this park.

Budejovicka brana 05

Budejovicka brana 02

The current park below the castle complex has its origin in the 17th century. Petr Vok of Rozmberk discontinued the use of the road through the Brilice gate. He used the area below the gate and the Budweis castle wing to build a large landscaped garden park. Its design and vegetation is strongly influenced by the renaissance of interest in exotic herbs and trees and the interest of the noble families to surround themselves with pleasing environments. Petr Vok also had built a large and expensively equipped wooden gazebo built here to hold garden parties. Over the years, its equipment disappeared and the imperial pavilion itself was used as a warehouse for fishing nets, and finally burned. The garden of that time was completely destroyed and had to be repeatedly renewed. These renovations included adding various ornamental garden type flower beds and pergolas, as corresponded to contemporary taste and skill of the gardeners. The second half of today's garden is much younger, originated from the reign of the Schwarzenberg family (1677–1947). Initially, it too was mostly mud and rugged terrain leveled for various defensive elements, ramparts and moats. The original appearance of this part of the garden was much different from the current state.

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