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Comenius Gardens

The history of this park called Comenius Gardens, or previous also known as Franz Joseph Orchards, is relatively short. In the years 1895–1898 a public town school was built. Outside the building is a monument for those fallen in the 1st and 2nd World War. In the years 1901–1904, the swampy terrain around this school was filled with soil from the nearby Benýdek pond, making place for where now are the park, the post office and the school. This pond existed already a long time, with a small island in the middle.

In the years 1906–1910, a new city park developed here. Just before World War I, towards the current Budejovice suburbs started also building activities. On the western side of the original Comenius orchards, a new school building was built here in 1905–1906. At that time the first contemporary residential area was added here as well.

In 1924 the pond was partially filled to make room for the new secondary school is today orchards. The rest of the pond disappeared in the construction of the vocational school in the 1930s. Before World War II part of the orchard was used as playground with benches and nooks called „The nebíčku“. It also had its own security guard, Mr. Puchingra. Unfortunately, after the war the park was greatly abandoned and overgrown with grass. Reconstruction was ordered and finished in 1983. In 2004, another reconstruction was made, which included an extensive new playground. Over 40 kinds of new trees were planted as well. In the park you will also find some valuable landmarks of mature trees.

GPS position

N 49° 0.359', E 14° 46.116'



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