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Naučná stezka Třeboň

Town defenses

The tour through the historic center continues along the outer belt of fortifications that are on the northern part of the town, which are surrounded by the Golden Canal. The Golden Canal is the 48 km long main draining canal for the fishpond systems in the Trebon region. The canal separates from the river Luznice near the village of Majdalena. It then runs the pond water circulation circuit and rejoins the river close to the town of Veseli nad Luznice. The total drop of water over those 48 km is only 23 meters. The canal was built in the years 1508–1518 by the Rozmberk’s fishpond builder and manager Stepanek Netolický. It was translated to Golden Canal by Netolicky’s suc­cessor Jakub Krcin, who also constructed the pond Svet in 1571. Until that time, the canal encircled Trebon also along the southern and western edges. On the right side we passed a greenish garden house. In this house JK Tyl stayed with his family in 1865. It was his second stay in Trebon. The first in 1852 was very successful, and he returned to Třeboň again. It was in January and February 1856. At that time he was already seriously ill. Vojtech Zítek, Trebon’s enthu­siastic amateur theater sponsor, gave Tyl and his family free abode in this garden house along the Golden Canal. It is reported that nine family members including five children have lived for three months on the twenty square meters comprising two small parlors. In late February1856, Tyl stepped on the stage of the theater Trebon for the last time in his life. It was in his favorite play in the role of the poor juggler Herzog. He gave a masterful performance but a the end of the show collapsed. The audience applauded, thinking that it is a masterpiece of acting, and had no idea that the collapse was real. Tyl partly recovered after the care of a local healer and left Trebon. However, his life journey finished within a few months, on July 7th in Pilsen.

GPS position

N 49° 0.323', E 14° 46.302'



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