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Golden Canal

This lazily flowing inconspicuous stream is the main artery for the fishpond system in the Trebon region. Its history goes a long way back. Already in the year 1367 was mentioned that the Lords of Landstein had excavated a canal from the river Lužnice to Opatovicky mill near Trebon. During the Hussite wars, the canal was neglected but in 1476, the Abbot of the Trebon Monastery in 1476 had it restored.

When Stepanek Netolický was planning his construction of pond systems, he saw the need for „alive“ oxygenated water, which would connect and supply the various ponds. He used the existing canal and extended it downstream for about 40 km. At Veselí nad Lužnicí it reconnected with the river Lužnice. In 1508, the plans were ready and construction began.

Golden Canal 2

In 1570, his successor Krčín decided that the flow of the canal was no longer sufficient. He relocated its beginning 4 km upstream on the Lužnice to Pilar, where he set up a weir.

Golden Canal 01

Originally, the canal was just referred to as ditch. The name „Golden Canal“ was first mentioned in 1665 to express the real benefit of this drainage canal for water management, fish farming, and not the least the cash inflow for the Rozmberk landlords. Through the centuries it was also used for other purposes. It helped to drain the ancient marshes, transported timber, irrigated fields and also powered various saws and mills. In times of wars it played an important role in the defense of the town of Trebon as provider of water for the moat around the town. Care for the this canal was necessary and also brought additional profit. This was already expressed in writings from the 19th century, stating that „… in July of each year hunting and cleaning of the Golden Canal takes place. It provides many tasty crayfish and fish … “.

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N 49° 0.268', E 14° 46.358'



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