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Naučná stezka Třeboň

The Town Square

One of the dominating buildings on the square is the White Horse Hotel. This is one of the first examples of the Renaissance style in the town. Its existence is documented as early as 1544 – the date carved on its columns. This one-storey house has three semi-circular arcades, part of a line of arcades that up to the 19 century was going around the whole square. Were possible, many of these have been restored. Notable on the building is the four-storey gable above the cornice, which is divided horizontally and vertically profiled ledges seven cylindrical formations of small bastions. This gives the building a bit of a fortress character.

Other preserved Renaissance houses on this side of the square are the house of fishpond designer Stepanek Netolický (No. 89 / I, with a plaque above the archway) and the Vratislav house with a polychrome statue of the Blessed Trinity.


The building at the upper corner of the square, left of the gate to the Trebon Castle, is the former Town Hall, called Ruthard house. The ground floor of this house used to be a brewery. After building the new Town Hall, the Ruthard house incorporated in the castle. The facade shows two memorial plaques. The first remembers Nicholas Ruthard, another famous fishpond builder. The second plague remembers the Susta family, well-schooled pioneers in fish farming techniques, who lived in this house as well.

GPS position

N 49° 0.250', E 14° 46.301'



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