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The Old Town Hall

The old Town hall is the most dominant building of the square. In 1562, the municipality bought two adjacent burnt-out houses and had James Cornbell built a new Town Hall at that place. In 1770, when houses were numbered for the first time, the building received the number 1. The Town Hall originally opened to the square through three semicircular arcades with massive pillars. In 1638, with support of Emperor Ferdinand III, a massive four-sided, four-storey (31 meter) high tower with gallery, clock and bulbous roof was added.

From then on the tower, next to the church tower, became a dominant symbol of the city. In 1742, the facade of the building was painted with frescoes with Rozmberk, Schwarzenberg, and urban character. In 1819, a second floor was added to the Town Hall and a second smaller tower with a Baroque dome and bell.

Since 2008, the building houses the town museum. In the area of the former town hall is also the baroque JK Tyl Theatre, built in 1832. Today it hosts artists and theater groups from all over the country. In close proximity one can also find the newly renovated cultural center Beseda, with its café, banquet hall, restaurant, wine bar and rock club. The building is part of a complex of interconnected historic buildings. Belonging to this complex are the old town hall, cinema, theater, and the exhibition hall. Right next to the main tower on the first floor, are two original memorial plaques with the names of fallen Masaryk legionaries from Trebon.

GPS position

N 49° 0.239', E 14° 46.300'



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