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Naučná stezka Třeboň

The Theater

Passing under the tower walk you come to the old town hall urban theater. The theater is named after Josef Kajetán Tyl, a leading Czech playwright and actor who toured here in 1852 and 1856. The theater tradition in Trebon is one of the oldest in the Czech lands. The local monastery's monks of the Augustinian order, played theater primarily with biblical themes already in the 16th century. The Rozmberks had theater played at the chateau. From the period directly after the Thirty Year War (1618–1648), not much information remained, but news about the theater began again to appear in the second half of the 18th century. In 1797, a permanent theater was established in the tower building, and two years later the theater in the local castle was renewed. The current theater was built in 1832–1833 and paid for by the burghers; it is one of the oldest bourgeois theaters in the country. For its location the former brewery malt house behind the old town hall was chosen, which after a fire in 1781 had remained in ruins.

The painted decorations on the ceiling and walls above the stage are the work of the painter F. Rocks. In 1872, he also painted the main curtain. It is an allegorical scene with a retinue of Apollo coming to town.

Divadlo 02

The auditorium has a chandelier from the Buquoy glassworks in Nove Hrady. The Trebon Theater was repaired several times. In 1904 it was closed for safety reasons; after rebuilding and adaptation it opened again in December 1918.

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The theater featured many famous artists such as Antonín Dvořák, Ema Destinn, Francis Ondříček and more. A thorough renovation in 1955–62 brought the theater back into Trebon’s cultural life. The facade of the theater was modified in 2004. In April 2012, a new modern style entrance area was added from which you can walk into the puppet theater and the local cinema.

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N 49° 0.223', E 14° 46.310'



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