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Morávka Nature Trail in Skalice

Morávka Nature Trail in Skalice 10

Protected Plants

The endangered flora species growing around the river include horsetails, coastal small reed, bitter willow and European violet willow. The most precious one growing on the river silts is Myricaria germanica. This bush tree grew in riverbeds of montane and submontane flows where the gravel silts were kept by regular floods. Due to the river flow regulations, its populations became gradually extinct. The only sites where the Myricaria germanica has remained are gravel silts of the Morávka River. Myricaria is the only representative of tamarisk family in our flora. It is about 2.5 m high and requires special conditions. It needs full sunshine, that is why it is poorly competitive. There was a numerous population of this critically endangered species in the 80´s of the last century. After the water management regulations and floods in the 90´s, only a few bushes remained scattered outside of the main riverbed. The environmental enthusiasts strive to save the Myricaria population by planting and returning it back to nature. The basic condition for the species survival is a well-preserved and functioning ecosystem. In case the riverbed regulations will continue, all the efforts will end in vain.

Protected Animals

The riverbed of the Morávka River, gravel silts and alluvial forests are important and unique biotopes for numerous rare animals, especially invertebrates. There were 330 beetles found in here including rare and disappearing species typical for unique biotopes of gravel silts. Morávka riverbed hosts European brook lamprey, European crayfish, alpine bullhead, Eurasian minnow, yellow-bellied toad and grass snake. There are frequent nests of actitis hypoleucos at the river bank. Common kingfisher, Eurasian golden oriole, Eurasian sparrowhawk and Eurasian hobby can be spotted here,too. The area is a potential biotope for European otter.

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Krajský úřad Moravskoslezského kraje, odbor životního prostředí
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