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Morávka Nature Trail in Skalice

Morávka Nature Trail in Skalice 9

Forest Functions

We can distinguish between various types of forests according to their management. A commercial forest is kept for its production function, i.e. growing and logging wood. A special purpose forest, including suburban forests, is mainly important for its so-called non-productive functions (recreational, aesthetic, climate, health, biological, environmental – stabilization, protection). Any categorisation, though, is relative as the functions correspond with, condition and complement each other. The contemporary forest management pays careful attention to balancing the different forest functions. The suburban forests focus mainly on their recreational role. The woods are made more accessible to the public, new paths and trails are built or modified with regard to mothers with prams or people with mobility difficulties. New bridges, benches and shelters are built. There are new walking and special educational trails with more emphasis being put on education and communication with the public.

Plant Species

After forest restoration when trees are cut down, completely new herbs start to emerge on the clearings. Much light and nutrients bring about the expansion of strong herbs which make use of large space. They include woodland figwort, belladonna, nettle-leaved bellflower and hedge woundwort which you can see around. The young planted trees take up little space, that is why many strong herbs prevail in the biotope. Apart from them, there are some forest herb species, the remains of a native forest, creating new undergrowth. These include enchanter's nig­htshade, the wood spurge, glutinous sage, sweet woodruff, dog's mercury, European wild ginger, wood sedge and others. Several orchid species can be seen in the area, for instance broad-leaved helleborine. It is worth mentioning that Mezereon species occur in quite big numbers here.

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GPS position

N 49° 38.791', E 18° 25.235'



Krajský úřad Moravskoslezského kraje, odbor životního prostředí
Město Frýdek-Místek ul. Radniční 1148 738 22 Frýdek Místek
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