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Morávka Nature Trail in Skalice

Morávka Nature Trail in Skalice 8

Landscape below the Beskydy Mountains

The entire area below the Beskydy Mountains used to be covered by mixed and deciduous virgin forests. The Wallachian colonization, which would take place in this area for centuries, changed the landscape in the valleys as well as the mountains. Man would cut down the forests cultivating the landscape gradually. A mosaic of fields, forests, bosks, orchards and waters emerged. Houses, villages and little towns were integrated into it. It was a landscape characterised by a natural beauty and harmony which was the result of man´s hard work. Collectivization of agriculture in the bygone era negatively affected the small-scale, for this type of landscape best practice, production patterns. The small-scale agriculture was in decline for many years and the breakdown of the implemented large-scale structures in recent years has culminated in the current unhappy state. The landscape is changing again. More objects are built in nature without the link to proper landscape maintenance (family houses, recreational buildings). Free spaces become often overgrown with unfavourable, invasive species suppressing the native species, creating monocultures and significantly reducing the landscape diversity.

Scattered green

Individual trees, groups of trees and alleys are important not only for their aesthetical but also historic value – they served as orientation points in landscapes, created borders between plots, accompanied various sights or commemorated a person or a historic event. The scattered green comprises not only trees but also bushes which play an important role for many animals as a shelter or source of food. They often form a marginal coat of bosks as well as larger stands and should not be cut down without a reason. The native shrubs in the Beskydy Mountains are represented by thorns, red fox, black thorns, dog rose, the common dogwood, European spindle, bird cherry, elder berry and alder buckthorn.


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svída krvavá

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Krajský úřad Moravskoslezského kraje, odbor životního prostředí
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