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Morávka Nature Trail in Skalice

Morávka Nature Trail in Skalice 5

Geologically unstable area The area surrounding Skalice is geologically unstable. The hills Skalická Strážnice (438 m.above sea level) and Vrchy (435 m above sea level) are severely affected by mining (stone and lime), especially shallow pit holes, numerous mine disposal sites and several wall quarries. The landslides after the floods in 1997 were so strong as to damage some buildings and the main road between Skalice and Raškovice. You could see many rifts in the nearby forest creating ditches of various sizes. The whole slope underneath you descending towards the river came down and ever since has been gradually overgrowing. Landslides The road to Raškovice was totally ruined by landslides in the year 1972 in the stretch from the church in Skalice to Záhoří. It took several years before putting it back into operation There was a significant activation of landslides in a cottage area to the north from the church in Skalice (on the slope below you) after the flood in 1997. The landslide hit the area of 200m in length and 100m in width. Large tractional drifts appeared above the separation area combined with pseudosinkholes. There was a noticeable narrowing of the Morávka River profile by the accumulative part of the landslide long after in the year 1999. Slope deformations are accompanied by seepage springs with scummy landslide drifts.

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